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Netherlands' Hot Rod Of Your Dreams

  Donkervoort's Hand-Built Speed Machines                                                                                           Source:  Donkervoort Dutch Sports Cars Coming to US The Donkervoort D8 GTO is a classic, hand-built, lightweight, hot rod by Donkervoort Automakers of the Netherlands.  The vehicle, that is essentially a European version of a hot rod, is now coming to the US.  The brand, which dates back to 1978, is synonymous with customization and "no compromises" on customer service.  This brand is so coveted that there is a two-year waiting list for their vehicles in Europe.  Speed Machines The vehicles are built to be speed machines and to deliver a thrilling experience of pure driving.  The first model coming to the US is the D8 GTO Individual which is elegantly styled and very fast.  It has an Audi sport-sourced turbocharged, 5-cylinder engine.  The engine pumps out more than 400 hp and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a lightning 2.7 seconds.  It ca