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Your Very SMART Walls

Dumb Walls Painted Smart Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and Disney Research have developed a conductive paint that can turn any wall smart.  The paint makes the walls interactive and context aware sensing.  The walls can sense human ouch, gestures and appliances being used. Electrodes Across the Walls The conductive paint allows placement of electrodes across the walls. And that opens up a whole new world.  For instance, the walls can control video games when given a human gesture.  They can serve as household monitors such as letting you know your laundry is done or turning off lights. Tech Vision The researchers have a vision for this tech. Given the Internet of things and ubiquitous computing coming on fast, it's giving walls an active part in our living and work environment.  In terns of cost, they convert dumb to smart walls on the cheap.  About $20 per sq. meter and use simple tools and techniques like a paint roller. Aesthetics and Energy The electrodes