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Dodge's 900 HP of Electric Energy

  Dodge's New eMuscle Car                                                                           Source:  Dodge "So Brilliant, it's Shocking"  Historic muscle car maker, Dodge, is producing its first electric vehicle.  It's an electric muscle car called the 2025 Dodge eMuscle and its roots are deeply entrenched in Dodge's muscle car heritage.  With iconic, gas-guzzling models like the Challenger, the Charger, the Hellcat and the Demon in its history, Dodge is now beginning the brand's transition to the electrified, rechargeable, zero-emissions world of EVs.  The eMuscle, with all of its e-muscle sound, fury and 900 hp, will hit global markets in 2025.  Dodge is owned by Stellantis (Chrysler-Fiat). Classic eMusle Looks The car has a very retro style with a boxy nose similar to the classic Dodge Charger of the 1960s and 1970's.  It has a "built for speed", aerodynamic design with a wing on the rear of the EV.  Dodge wants the car to be loud