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Super-Fast, Powerful EV Drako Dragon SUV

  Drako Dragon with 2,000 HP                                                  Super:  Drako Motors Super Electric Supercar California startup Drako Motors has unveiled an all-electric, 2,000 hp super SUV named Dragon.  The SUV was engineered in San Jose and designed in Italy.  Drako Chief Designer Lowie Vermeesch is famous for his Ferrari and Maserati designs and he created Dragon. Dragon is being hailed as a hypercar in a luxury SUV format. It uniquely bridges the power and speed of a hypercar with the convenience and versatility of an electric SUV.  This powerful and super-fast electric vehicle is also more than capable of the fun of off-roading. Incredibly Fast Vehicle The Dragon is faster than an Olympic sprinter.  It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a blistering 1.9 seconds.  It can run a quarter mile in 9 seconds and is capable of hitting speeds of 200 mph.  The power comes from its unique powertrain.  Drako's Drive OS architecture has a 4-motor powertrain connected to a Dr