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Sierra Space's Dream Chaser Space Plane Fascinates

  New Space Plane Wars                                                  Source:  Sierra Space Sierra's Space Plane Dream Chaser Dream Chaser is a supersonic SST space plane being developed and getting ready to go into service by Louisville, Colorado based Sierra Space.  The vehicle is the world's first and only winged commercial space plane, according to Sierra.  It is designed to compete against Elon Musk's SpaceX, Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin to carry astronauts, space tourists and supplies into space.  Dream Chaser is aggressively developing its global business footprint and is rolling out a brand-new chapter of space wars in the commercialization of space. Building a Global Business Network Dream Chaser is awesome aviation technology.  It is launched on top of a rocket and then dislodges and flies on its own power into space at supersonic speeds.  The SST flies back to Earth on its own power and wings and lands at specially d

Dream Chaser Space Plane Readies for Takeoff

2021 Missions to International Space Station Courtesy:  SNC Space Utility Vehicle Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser space plane continues to go through successful milestone testing by NASA.  It's been selected by NASA to deliver and return cargo from the International Space Station (ISS) starting in 2021.  It's a reusable, multi-mission space utility vehicle that easily lands on commercial runways. Fascinating Technology The Dream Chaser is an autonomous launch, flight and landing vehicle.  No pilot is needed.  It has a high reusability rate of 15 times.  It's the only commercial space plane that is what's called a lifting body vehicle, capable of a runway landing.  It provides ground crews immediate access to the cargo onboard as soon as it lands.  And it will do a minimum of six missions to and from ISS starting in 2021.  It's the product of  US company SNC and their 4,000 engineers, scientists and software developers.