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RoboCops on Global Beats

Bot Crime Fighters on Duty  Dubai's Robocop on Duty In China, robocops patrol railroad stations.  In South Korea, 85 bots were deployed for the 2018 Winter Olympics.  In the US, they're on duty at some large malls.  And, in Dubai, the world's "first fully operational Robocop" patrols malls, the airport and streets, fighting crime.  We're living in the age of robocops. Dubai's Robotic Crime Fight The emirate's goal is to make Dubai a top 5, smart-secure global capital.  Robocop is the start of a big robotic and AI deployment by Dubai police.  Robocop is life sized.  It has face recognition technology and can ID wanted criminals 100 feet away.  It can also collect evidence and patrol busy, crowded areas.  It's part of the government's plan to replace human crime fighters with robots.  By 2030, they plan to have robots comprise 25% of the police force.  They also plan on having an all-robot, no human police station. Report a Crime to th