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XPeng Air Taxi Flies 90 Minutes in Dubai

   X2 Flying Taxi Successfully Debuts & Flies in Dubai                                        Source:  Dubai & XPeng Dubai as an Innovation Capital In Dubai, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng just made history by successfully completing the 1st public test flight of its eVTOL flying taxi X2.  X2 is a 2-seat air taxi that is fully electric and vertically takes-off and lands like a helicopter.  The intelligent, flying mobility system was cleared by Dubai authorities for flying and flew for 90 minutes at a public event called Skydive Dubai.  XPeng executives call the X2 "3D transportation" in which everyone can fly. Unique Flying Capabilities The X2 is specifically designed for low altitude, city flying capabilities.  It is meant for short-haul flights and has a maximum flight speed of 81mph.  The X2 will go into mass production in 2024.  XPeng executives say the next generation of the flying taxi will be electric, highly intelligent, have vertical takeoff and