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Hydrogen "Flying Boat" - World First

  Switzerland's The Jet - Hydrogen Powered Hydrofoil                                                  Source: The Jet The Jet to be Manufactured in Dubai The Jet is a new form of hydrogen powered transportation.  The "flying boat" is powered by two hydrogen fuel cells that convert hydrogen into electricity and produce no emissions.  The vessel is a hydrofoil that glides three feet above the water at a top speed of 46 mph.  It can carry 12 passengers and a captain. It makes its water journey in silence and in harmony with the environment.  It is the innovative creation of Switzerland-based startup The Jet ZeroEmission, which will manufacture the hydrofoil in Dubai. New International Innovation Collaboration The hydrogen powered flying boat uses hydrofoils underneath the vessel to give it lift. It is a distinctively designed, slender white vessel.  It spans 32 feet and weighs 6 tons.  The Jet ZeroEmission company was founded by French yachtsman Alain Thebault.  The company