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New E-Snow Bike For Fun in Snow

  Aronso E-Trace From France Source:  Aronso E-Trace Unique Electric Snow Vehicle For Fun, Zero Emissions Rides The Aronso E-Trace is a unique all-electric vehicle combination of a snow sled and an electric mountain bike.  It's the invention of French startup Arosno, which calls it the world's 1st electric snow-bike for fun, zero emissions rides in the snow.  This new EV was unveiled at EuroBike 2021 in Germany.  Unlike a high octane vehicle like a snowmobile that pollutes a pristine snowy environment, the E-Trace is zero-emissions, puts your foot to the pedal, travels at a safe and reasonable speed and lets the untrained have some great fun pedaling it across the snow. Safety With No Training Needed The E-Trace is so stable, according to Aronso, it can be driven without any training on all types of snow.  The company says it is much safer and offers none of the risks of riding an electric mountain bike on snowy terrain.  The driver pedals the E-Trace like an e-mountain bike up