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EV Hummer Pickup Delivers in December

  Edition 1 Deliveries of GMC EV Hummer in December 2021                                        Source:  GMC Hummer EV More Editions Coming in 2022 & Beyond GMC's greatly anticipated, all-electric Hummer pickup truck will be delivered to buyers in December 2021.  This is Edition 1, which is a super heavy all-electric pickup truck with a 329-mile range on a charge, according to the company.  December will be the start of Edition 1 deliveries of the heavy EV super truck, despite global delivery disruptions, high energy prices, COVID and big supply chain problems.  This is a great achievement for GM against all global transportation, manufacturing and other business odds. Future Editions of EV Hummer Pickups Edition 1 is a heavy-duty pick-truck and its 329-mile range has not been certified by the EPA.  The next Hummer EVs will be light duty trucks and are expected to get EPA range certifications, which GMC expects to significantly exceed that of Edition 1.   Tech Specs on Edition