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GMC Hummer EV Hits Road & More

  Edition 1 Deliveries of GMC EV Hummer in December 2021                                        Source:  GMC Hummer EV More Editions Coming in 2022 & Beyond GMC's greatly anticipated, all-electric Hummer pickup truck will be delivered to buyers in December 2021.  This is Edition 1, which is a super heavy all-electric pickup truck with a 329-mile range on a charge, according to the company.  December will be the start of Edition 1 deliveries of the heavy EV super truck, despite global delivery disruptions, high energy prices, COVID and big supply chain problems.  This is a great achievement for GM against all global transportation, manufacturing and other business odds. It's an achievement for GM that President Biden recently gave a big salute to. Future Editions of EV Hummer Pickups Edition 1 is a heavy-duty pick-truck and its 329-mile range has not been certified by the EPA.  The next Hummer EVs will be light duty trucks and are expected to get EPA range certifications, wh