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BMW's Completely New Electric Bike Concept

  Urban Electric Mobility on Two Wheels                                                 Source:  BMW CE 02 Concept -"A Completely New Vehicle" With its concept CE 02, BMW is offering a new type of urban mobility vehicle. The electric vehicle is neither a classic motorcycle nor a scooter.  BMW Motorrad calls the CE 02 "completely new".  The EV has a youthful, stylish and innovative design for what BMW calls "single track mobility" in an urban environment.  And, above all, BMW says it is designed to be a fun ride.  The CE 02 targets a new demographic for BMW - people 16 years and older who haven't ridden a motorbike before but enjoy new experiences, smart technology and want to combine driving with fun. Tech Specs This is a lightweight EV at 265 pounds.  It has fast acceleration, top speeds of 56 mph, a range of  55.9 miles and 11 kW of output from two electric batteries.  There are two, large disc wheels.  The bike's center of gravity is low making