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Lincoln's 1st EV is Innovation on Wheels

  Lincoln's First EV is Called Star                                                     Source:  Lincoln "Guiding Star" for Next-Generation of Lincoln Electric Cars Ford's luxury brand Lincoln has unveiled its long anticipated first, fully electric vehicle.  Called Lincoln Star, the concept car is loaded with fresh, new technologies and is quite literally an innovation test lab on wheels.  The EV is a showcase for daring new technologies.  Lincoln and Ford hope to gain public reaction and determine the level of enthusiasm for the new tech features and systems. Lincoln calls Star its "Guiding Star" for the future of the next generation of EVs.  Technologies that are "must haves" and get rave reactions in Star will likely be found in upcoming new Lincoln EVs.   Many Bold and Unique New Technologies and Features Star's design is sleek, elegant and smooth.  It is neither a traditional sedan nor SUV but seems to be a blending of the two into a class