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Lotus Cars Building EV Portfolio

  British Sports Car & Race Car Maker Unveils Two New EVs                                                  Source:  Lotus Cars Portfolio of New Electric Vehicles Under Development British high performance car maker Lotus is going zero emissions, electric in a very big way.  It has unveiled an early sketch of a second fully electric sports car that it is developing.  Some automotive experts say that it appears to share some features of the classic Esprit, a hot super car that Lotus made between the mid-1970's and 2004.  The company will also start delivering its first electric sports car Evija, which is a powerful hypercar that pumps out nearly 2,000 hp.  Lotus is famous for its high-performance sports cars and race cars that deliver speed, agility, stunning design and are relatively lightweight.  Evija Electric hypercar Evija is an automotive work of art and electricity.  At $2.3 million it's a limited production model of 130 cars for delivery in late 2022.  This vehicle is