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Aptera EV - Solar, 3-Wheel Driving & Camper

  Aptera's Very Advanced Solar Electric Vehicles                                                  Source:  Aptera Driving on Sunshine and Three Wheels San Diego, CA-based Aptera Motors has a new solar-powered car that looks like a spaceship that just landed from Mars.  But this is a highly advanced solar-electric powered vehicle that can double as a camper.  The vehicle runs on three wheels and gets a range of 1,000 miles on a charge along with a daily 40 miles extra range from the Sun.  Given the astronomical price of gas, it may be well worth the investment.  You'd be driving on sunshine instead of $7/gallon carbon polluting gasoline.  For Aptera Motors, they're time may have come. Going Camping What is so very cool about the Aptera is that it can be configured as a camper.  The trunk space is large and it can be converted into a covered tent for campers.  The vehicle itself can serve as a charging station for electronic devices.  It's a very innovative, green and unu