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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

   DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF                                                                                                  By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane KIA OFFERS 1ST MASS MARKET 3 ROW, ELECTRIC SUV                                                                                           Source: Kia Kia has given a sneak peek of its upcoming, 2024 electric, 3 row SUV, EV9 This much anticipated EV is the 1st battery powered SUV of its size to be priced at an expected, affordable price It faces competition from 2 high priced rivals, Rivian R1S  & Tesla Model 4, both in the $100,000 range With distinctive styling, it combines sleek, sculptured shapes with assertive geometry to deliver a "contemporary and gracefully serene" SUV   Seats up to 6 or 7 people with 2nd row seats capable of swiveling 180-degrees Two touch screens combine into a 24.6" display Kia will disclose key facts like price, range, e-motors & battery size later in March. WORLD'S