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Mercedes to Offer Solar Roofs on EVs

  Solar Roof Options by 2024                                               Source:  Mercedes German Luxury Automaker Taps the Sun Mercedes Benz unveiled a stunning electric concept, the Vision EQXX, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week.  The sleek, futuristically designed sedan has a 117 solar cell panel on the roof to generate an additional 15.5 miles of driving range.  While the Vision EQXX doesn't have a date to go into production yet, the solar roof does.  Mercedes has decided to offer the solar roof as an option on all of its electric vehicles starting in 2024. Unique Solar Technology Mercedes worked with the renowned German research institute Fraunhofer to co-develop the new solar technology.  Power generated by the 117 solar cells is stored in a separate lithium-iron-phosphate battery.  It provides power for the car's lights, infotainment and other systems.  The solar system supplements the main battery pack and increases the driving range.  The