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E-Planes Drawing Fuel From Air Friction

Turning Air Friction into Electrical Energy For Electric Planes Source:  The Eather One Electric Plane Concept Green, Clean Flying A new electric aircraft concept, named The Eather One, is powered by pure air.  Specifically, stratospheric air friction to create electric energy to fly the plane.  The air friction can be seen in action behind a high flying jet that leaves a plume of white smoke across the sky in its wake.  The plume holds for quite some time because there is very little air circulation in the stratosphere.  When a high speed aircraft cuts through the higher atmosphere, it generates tremendous air friction and vibrations.  Tapping into that tremendous source of energy is the concept behind Eather One that future aircraft may capitalize on. Electric Flying with Nanogenerators on the Wings The concept plane is equipped with triboelectric nanogenerators on its wings and across the top of the aircraft. The  nanogenerators capture the turbulent air f