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Egypt Launches into Space

Egypt To Launch 1st Communications Satellite on Friday Source: Egyptian Space Agency TIBA-1 to Provide Egypt Call and Internet Full Service Egypt is sending its first communications satellite into orbit on Friday.  The government believes this will improve its communications infrastructure and internet services and also attract new investors.  The satellite will work along with existing land and telecommunications infrastructure.  Egypt believes that a strong communications network is essential to its economic growth.  Interestingly, the satellite called TIBA-1's coverage area includes nearby Arab and African nations.  The Egyptian government may sell those areas new satellite services. Launch Date Friday The Friday launch of Egypt's first communications satellite will take place from a space center in French Guiana in one of Europe's Arianespace rockets.  The satellite is 5.6 tons and was made by Airbus and Thales Alenia Space.  It will stay in orbit

China Leads in Solar Energy - 130 Gigawatt Capacity

China Setting Solar Pace, Technology, Policy Standards Globally Source:   Photo of  China's Solar Farm in Tenggen Desert World's Largest Solar Farm in China It's very clear China is betting the farm that the future of energy is powered in a big way by solar. It has the world's largest solar farm, pictured above, in China's Tenggen Desert that can pump out 1500 megawatts.  China has the world's largest solar energy capacity - a huge, 130 gigawatts. World's Biggest Solar Panel Manufacturer China manufactures 60% of the world's solar panels.  Their technology is setting the framework for the global solar industry. Coal Still a Factor There are some oddities about the China energy market.  2/3rds of China's electricity still comes from coal.  An interesting fact: China's huge solar farms are far away from its major cities that need electricity.  Only 15% of the country's potential solar capacity is being used.  The country has inves