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Embraer's Eve Flying Taxi Testing

  Dawn of Flying Taxi Services                                                 Source:  Embraer & Eve Eve Publicly Traded on NYSE This is turning out to be quite the week for Brazilian aerospace company Embraer and its eVTOL subsidiary and partner Eve.  Eve's technology is undergoing flight tests over Rio de Janeiro this week to collect data on its vertical landing and takeoff capabilities.  They're using conventional, piloted helicopters that are part of Embraer's Autonomous System project or EASy to do the testing and push forward the goal of autonomous flights.  It's another aviation landmark in the journey toward fully certified and autonomous eVTOL (electric, vertical takeoff and landing) flying taxis. Eve Goes Public Simultaneously, Eve was spun-off by Embraer this week and has just started trading on the NYSE.  Embraer and Eve remain partners in the development of eVTOL vehicles.  For nearly two years, the two have been testing subscale models of Eve in order

eVTOL Eve is Pulling in Global Orders

Embraer's Eve Has Order Backlog of 1,785 eVTOLs                                 Source:  Embraer's Eve Green, Zero Emissions Urban Air Mobility Brazil's aviation giant Embraer has a very hot eVTOL flying taxi subsidiary, Eve Urban Air Mobility, which is doing record business.  Eve, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has an order backlog of 1,785 eVTOLs or electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles.  That big backlog amounts to $5.4 billion in flying taxi orders.  And, at the 2022 Singapore Air Show, the backlog got bigger.  Eve has signed a number of new deals to make its eVTOLs operational in Australia by 2025.  Western Australia air charter companies Aviair and Helispirit, which specialize in scenic charter flights, have ordered 50 Eve eVTOLs.  Melbourne based helicopter company Microflite ordered 40 Eve eVTOLs.  Recently, Sydney Seaplanes ordered 50 Eve eVTOLs.  And Nautilus ordered 10 Eve eVTOLs for tourist flights over the Great Barrier Reef.  Eve UAM says Austr