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New Look at Air Taxis - F1 Inspired

  Eve-Senna Air Taxis from Embraer                                             Source:  Embraer New, Sustainable Air Mobility Commutes Starting in Brazil Embraer is one of the world's most innovative aviation companies.  Headquartered in Brazil, it is working on changing forever urban air mobility into a sustainable and affordable new mode of travel.  Embraer's subsidiary Eve Air Mobility is partnering with Senna to develop an F1 inspired air taxi.  It's an eVTOL (electric, vertical takeoff and landing) flying taxi named Eve-Senna.  The first locus of operation is Brazil and Rio de Janero. Rio is one of the world's most congested and busiest cities.  Eve-Senna's main goals are to democratize flying taxis by making travel in them inexpensive and accessible. Another key player in the development project is Helisud Aviation, which is one of Latin America's biggest helicopter providers. Highly Advanced Tech With Senna, the Eve project is hitting new heights.  The eV