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Ritz-Carlson into Water Cruising

  Ritz-Carlton Hotel's New Superyachts                                          Source:  Ritz-Carlton Yachts The Ultimate Hotel Getaway Ritzy hotel chain Ritz-Carlton is adding a new business line to its real estate portfolio.  Three new superyachts are being added to serve as 5-star, luxury hotels on the high seas.  The first yacht named Evrima will launch for a Mediterranean cruise in August 2022.  The 623-foot yacht contains 149 large, luxurious suites and can accommodate 298 guests. The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection has just provided journalists with an inside look at the gorgeous vessel. Evrima has three homeports: Fort Lauderdale, Barbados and San Juan. Very Accommodating  The suites aboard the yacht are among the ultimate in travel.  Each has floor to ceiling windows, a balcony to enjoy the ocean views and very high ceilings to create a feeling of spaciousness.  If you're travelling with your family, you can customize and combine suites to form a much larger, open concep