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Quantum Opportunity - Quantum Computing

DARPA Goes After Practical, Competitive Uses for Quantum Computing Exponential Computing Power thru Quantum Computing The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA wants to know how quantum computing can help the US surge ahead of technology competitors like China and Russia. Quantum computing uses the laws of quantum mechanics to accomplish complex data operations.  Unlike traditional computers that use bits, it uses qubits and delivers exponential computing power. DARPA Questions and Challenge DARPA specifically wants to know how quantum computing will practically impact AI, physical systems, machine learning, data analytics and enhancing distributed sensing.  This is a leading indicator of the future of technology and innovation as DARPA views it. Leading Edge of Where Quantum Computing is Taking Us - Harbinger of The Future DARPA is asking industry and academics for proposals to research the real possibilities of quantum computing.  There are 4 k