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Ford's 1st Electric F-150 Pickup Truck

   Ford's F-150 Lightning May Be an EV Gamechanger Source:  Ford A Truck That Can Power Your Home During a Power Outage The long anticipated Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck is being hailed by some automotive experts as disruptive, gamechanging innovation in the EV market.  In the first 48 hours after it was unveiled in late May 2021, 44,500 people reserved it for purchase.  For the past five years, the F-150 has been the top selling vehicle in the US.  Ford has electrified and added many smart features to their best selling vehicle, which is expected to result in big sales.  Ford CEO Jim Farley said the F-150 is now going digital and fully electric.  He added several fascinating details.  He said Lightning can power your house during a power outage.  The EV is faster than the original F-150 Lightning Performance truck and it will constantly improve through over the air updates. Production on the vehicle will start in spring 2022  and the first e-trucks will be delivered

President Biden, EVs, Driving Future

  President Biden Declares EVs Are the Future of Driving Source:  Ford F-150 E-Plant, Dearborn, Michigan, President Biden Biden on the Future of Automotive Industry at Ford Electric F-150 Plant US President Joe Biden is an ardent supporter of electric vehicles and alternative green forms of transportation and energy.  Today, he went to Ford's new, electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck manufacturing facility. The F-150 truck has been Ford's and the US' most popular selling vehicle for years. It is now going electric and it is a huge electric initiative for Ford.  President Biden said that there is no turning away from the fact that the future of the automotive industry is electric and the global race to sell those EVs is getting a lot more competitive.  Ford's electric Lightning pickup truck fits right into the future of EV competition.  It is a much anticipated new vehicle against a global wall of huge EV competition, including from Tesla, GM, VW, Rivian and more. Globa