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Ford's F-150 Lightning's Big Power Boost

  Very High-Performance EV                                                       Source:  Ford 1,000+ HP Ford is underscoring its belief in high-performance, high-powered, big output EVs with the new promise of a very powerful Ford-150 Lightning.  Here are the key facts: Ford is developing a very high-performance version of its Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup with 1,000 + hp Currently, the F-150 Lighting has dual electric motors that pump out a total of 550 hp, so the power upgrade is very significant Ford has issued an infographic teasing the new EV in silhouette surrounded by several high output EVs, like the 1,972 hp SuperVan 4 and the 7-motor Mach-E 1400, adding the high output e-truck is coming soon Ford just officially announced that it is returning to Formula l racing and emphasized the powerful impact that advanced technologies and leading-edge aerodynamic designs for racing have on their production vehicles, like the highly popular F-150 Lightning and vice versa The high