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Calling All Frogs for the Environment

Australia's FrogPhone for Science Source:  University of  New South Wales & University of Canberra FrogPhone Science Calls to Remotely Monitor the Environment This new innovation is a call for science. Australian researchers have developed the FrogPhone system, which once installed at a frog pond location,enables scientists to call in on their cell phones and remotely  listen in on frogs in the wild.  Why is that important?  It provides great access and data to monitor the health of the environment.  Frogs are widely recognized as one of the best barometers of how healthy local environments are.  The FrogPhone is a novel device and a technological first. Frogs and the Quality of the Surrounding Environment The FrogPhone allows scientists to call a frog screening site and monitor the frogs, real-time, in nature.  This is the world's first solar powered device that provides environmental data via text while conducting real-time sound surveys over the phone.  The