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GM & The Future of Driving Electric, Autonomous

GM Is Pouring Billions of Extra Dollars into EVs, AVs, Fuel Cells & Battery Plants               Source: GM Electric Hummer & Self-Driving Cruise CEO Mary Barra's Electric & Autonomous Road GM is pouring billions of extra dollars into electric and autonomous vehicles.  The company is increasing spending by 75% or $35 billion by 2025.  CEO Mary Barra's goal is to build and sell 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025. These developments have just been disclosed. The $35 billion will also be used to build an additional two US battery plants on top of the two previously announced.  CEO Barra said that GM is aggressively investing in a "comprehensive and highly integrated plan to make sure that GM leads in all aspects of the transformation to a more sustainable future".  The investments are across a range of new technologies including EVs, autonomous vehicles (AVs), battery plants and GM's Hydrotec hydrogen fuel-cell system. GM Will Have All Electric Mod