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From China, Future Driving Concept

  Geely's Vision Starburst Car Concept from China                                                              Source:  Geely Vision Starburst Concept Car Concept Inspired by the Cosmos & the Stars Vision Starburst is China based, global automaker Geely's design inspiration for future electric vehicle models.  The inspiration comes from deep space and the nebulae and other stellar phenomena that come together and burst into new stars.  Geely owns Volvo, Lotus, Terrafugia, Polestar and the London Electric Vehicle Company, plus a slew of brands in China.  Geely's Shanghai design team, in creating the Vision Starburst concept car, worked to "create unity between exterior and interior, color and materials, as well as car and user". Star Quality Exterior The surface of the concept car is curved and inspired by "stellar rays and waves in the folding and crossing of lines and surfaces", according to Geely.  The headlights of the car are the "eyes of th