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Polestar Precept: EV that's Sustainable

Volvo Owned Company Debuts at 2020 Geneva Auto Show The Polestar Precept is a highly advanced, all electric vehicle that's being called "the EV of the Future".  Polestar is a Volvo owned company that is just starting to establish its brand,  The Polestar Precept will be unveiled at the upcoming 2020 Geneva Auto Show.  The 4-door grand tourer concept contains eye tracking technology, a highly advanced digital interface and a uniquely sustainable interior. Environmentally Correct The all electric vehicle has interior panels and seat backs made of a flax based natural fiber. The fiber results in a 50% reduction in weight and an 80% reduction in plastic waste.  The car seats are made from 3D knitted recycled plastic bottles.  The carpets are made from recycled fishing nets. Digital Interface There's a 15 inch touchscreen in the center of the cabin.  And, there's a 12.5 inch display in front of the driver. Smart sensors monitor the driver's eyes a

VW New Electric Dune Buggy

VW's I.D. Buggy Electric Concept VW's Electric Dune Buggy, the I.D. Buggy Inspired by California Buggies in 1960's VW's electric concept, all terrain vehicle just debuted at the Geneva International Motor Show.  It's called the I.D. Buggy and is inspired by California dune buggies from long ago in the 1960's.  This electric dune buggy joins VW's new group of electric vehicles including the VW microbus, the ID Buzz which is a reinvention of VW's popular minibus. VW Inspired By Electric Power The I.D Buggy has a 4 cylinder boxer engine in the rear with 201 horsepower and 155 miles of battery range.  It accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in 7.2 seconds with top speeds of 99 mph.  It seats 2 but is expandable for another two passengers and an extra electric motor for 4 wheel drive. Dune Dream This is a concept vehicle.  It has no doors, no roof and is meant for no-frills driving.  It does have roll-over support, reinforced windshields and off-road t