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Personal Flying Machine with BUZZ

Boeing GoFly Top 10 Winner - The Hummingbuzz It's a personal flying vehicle with distinctive design and technical specifications that won top 10 status in Boeing's GoFly International Personal Flying Machine competition.  The Hummingbuzz is straight out of Georgia Tech. All Electric Flying Fan True, it looks like a flying fan with a motorcycle on top of it.  The rider sits on top of the motor bike that also houses a battery pack.  The vehicle is an all-electric, ducted fan equipped with counter-rotating coaxial rotors. Boeing Boeing believes that personal flying machines will be part of the transportation mix in the not-to-distant future.  That's one of the reasons their GoFly international competition with teams developing top, workable prototype vehicles, has $2 million in prizes.  The top 10 competitors from an initial field of 160 teams are now converting their designs and technical specifications into working prototypes. The vehicles must have vertical take-