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My Taxi Just Flew In

Taxiing Above It All It's rush hour.  Traffic is at a standstill. Then, out of the sky, it's your flying taxi.  That's the promise of Pop.up Next.  There are numerous flying taxi projects underway such as the Chinese EHay, Volocopter and Uber's Elevate machine.  However, Pop.up Next has the backing of and is a collaboration among engineering greats Audi, Airbus and also the German government. Electric &Autonomous Flying-Driving Machine Pop.up Next is part car and part quadcopter.  It is electric powered and has autonomous technology. There are still many engineering challenges for Pop.up Next. But, the German government has approved testing the flying taxi in and around the German city of Ingolstadt, which is Audi's hometown. In a statement by the German Transport Ministry:  "Flying taxis aren't a vision any longer.  They can take us off into a new dimension of mobility." Pop.up and Let It Go As you can see in the prototype picture, P