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Latvia's Affordable Flying Machine with Sizzle

Populist Personal Flight Latvian Style It's called ERA Aviabike. Team AEROXO LV of Latvia approached Boeing's GoFly international competition with practicality.  They wanted to create a personal flying machine with sizzle and appeal that would sell to global bikers. The global motorbike market is huge.  Their concept design and technical specifications have won them a top ten spot in the contest.  Like the 9 other competitors, they're now building their concept into a real, flying prototype to win the $2 million prize in March.  After that, the journey to global sales. Combo Bike, Helicopter & Plane The team describes it as a "tilt rotor aerial vehicle".  It takes off like a helicopter then tilts its motors so it flies like a fixed wing plane.  It looks like a science fiction motorcycle that's ready to fly. Green, Affordable and Autonomous if You Like ERA Aviabike is all-electric right now.  But other power sources going forward are options.  Als

USA's Pegasus 1 - Tilt Rotor Goes 70 Knots

The Pegasus 1 - Winning Personal Flying Machine It's a Y6 tilt rotor with wing, hybrid powertrain and a cruising speed of 70 knots.  The Pegasus 1 is a top 10 winner in Boeing's GoFly International.  It's the creation of USA Team Scoop and captain Alex Smolen, who is a self-taught programmer with experience flying and building multicopters. Personal Flight Smolen sees the Pegasus as the first step toward fun and simple personal flight.  He thinks anyone can fly the vehicle for 30 minutes and will find it a wonder to fly. Tech Specs The vehicle has 6 propellers.  When it hovers, they lift Pegasus off the ground, slowly and in any direction like a drone.  To cruise, the propellers tilt giving it lift and thrust.  As it accelerates, the wings give additional lift making it fly like a plane. Pegasus 1 Promise Team Scoop and Alex Smolen are now building their concept into a flyable prototype to compete against 10 other teams in the GoFly competition for the $2 milli

British 5-Rotor Flying Air Bike

The Vantage - Personal Flying Machine With British Accent The captain of the British team Leap defines their personal flying machine The Vantage as a 5-rotor air bike.  It's also a top ten contender in Boeing's GoFly International Competition of personal flying machine prototypes. Loaded with Engineering This concept's design and technical specifications are stunning.  It has an internal combustion engine that produces electric power from a generator.  5 electric motors drive a rotor that keeps Vantage airborne.  2 more rotor-motor combos give it forward thrust.  And each rotor can be controlled independently. Real Deal - No Fairy Dust Captain Bruno Howard says "no need for fairy dust".  It's made of real components you can buy today.  He adds the principles of safety, controllability and redundancy are built into its design.  Team Leap is now building a working prototype with vertical takeoff and landing, low noise, able to fly non-stop 20 miles,