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New Smartwatch That's Really Smart

VOIXATCH with Bluetooth Headset Built-In Source:  VOIXATCH Watch with Artificial Intelligence and a Voice The VOIXATCH smartwatch's capabilities seem endless.  It has all the functionality of a smartphone on a cellular enabled smartwatch with a built-in Bluetooth headset.  You can detach the headset from the watch with the press of a button and place it around your ear.  It enables you to answer calls coming in over your smartwatch. You can also listen to music, other audio sources and send voice texts.  And, that's not all. Multitasking Smartwatch VOIXATCH has a heartbeat sensor, a gyroscope, GPS, LTE, Google Voice Assistant and its own Google voice assistant. It also has its own SIM Card. Lots of Battery Time The system has a battery life of 48 hours. And, the headset can be instantly recharged by anchoring it back inside the watch.  You can even provide voice commands through the watch's artificial intelligence.  It's available on Kicks