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Lotus' $2 M Electric Sportscar

Evijan - Electric Car that Goes  0 to 62 mph in 3 Seconds Source:  Lotus Lotus' 1st Fully EV Under Chinese Ownership This is a fully electric sports car with top speeds up to 200 mph by the British sport car maker Lotus.  They call it the Evijan hypercar, which means top-tier sports car.  And it's being launched with the Chinese automaker Geely that bought Lotus in 2017. The car is elegant, powerful and expensive. It's showcases the future of electric vehicles with speed and energy efficiency.  In three seconds, the car accelerates from zero to 62 mph.  The powertrain is electrified and packs 1,973 in horsepower. New Tech They'll start with manufacturing 130 cars in 2020.  The cars will be built in England.  The cost per car is $2.15 million and the range is over 250 miles on a charge.  With an 800 kw charger, it takes only 9 minutes to fully charge. Lotus executives say this is just the beginning.  They have more visionary models being developed through Geel

Important Innovations Collection: BMW Going Electric

BMW to Start Producing Electric Mini's in Great Britain Source:  BMW Ready for Global Distribution Spring 2020 BMW has a major commitment to developing electric vehicles.  In fact, the automaker say it will have 25 electric vehicle models by 2023.  The global automaker just confirmed that it will build the Electric Mini's at its facility near Oxford, Great Britain despite the fact that Britain is leaving the European Union.  For a news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: BMW Going Electric : Electric Mini Production Starts in UK in Late 2019 Source:  BMW's Mini Electric Delivery in Spring 2020 BMW is kicking off its ...