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Mighty Micro-Robot Climber

Harvard's Robot Climber with Sticky Feet Source:  Wyss Institute's Microrobot HAMR-E HAMR-E on Duty for Jet Engine Safety Inspections It's a tiny but mighty micro-robot named HAMR-E (Harvard Ambulatory Micro-Robot Electroadhesion).  It's been developed by researchers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. They've created a micro-robot with incredible climbing ability.  It has electroadhesive foot pads, origami ankle joints and an optimized gait to explore spaces in 3-D, vertically and upside down. Gecko Inspired Rolls Royce challenged the Wyss Institute to develop an army of micro-robots to inspect their Rolls Royce engines for commercial aircraft.  Commercial jet engines have 25,000 parts, many of which aren't accessible until you pull fully dismantle the engine.  That is very expensive and time-consuming.  Enter HAMR-E from Harvard. Future for this Innovation The potential is that an army of HAMR-E micro-robots c