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DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF by Maryanne Kane, Journalist

  DAILY INNOVATION BRIEF                                                                                                  By Journalists Edward Kane & Maryanne Kane NISSAN MOVES TO CUT PRICES ON EVS                                                                                      Source:  Nissan Japanese automaker Nissan is revolutionizing its powertrains for all electric and hybrid-electric vehicles to greatly reduce the cost The goal is to bring hybrid-electric vehicle prices down to the cost of gas-powered car by 2026 The powertrains being developed will be smaller, lighter and cut the cost of making the car by 30% by 2026 Costs are being reduced by sharing and the modularization of EV and e-POWER core components They've developed a 3-in-1 powertain prototype that modularizes the motor, inverter & reducer for EVs Also, a 5-in-1 prototype that additionally modularizes the generator & increaser for e-POWER vehicles They call it the X-in-1 approach which enables EVs