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Healthifyme - Digital Weight Loss Platform

Counting Calories App Source:  Healthifyme Coaching from the Cloud Based in India, Healthifyme is a digital weight loss platform that provides fitness and weight services.  Developed for Android and iOS platforms, the app provides calorie and water tracking and on the cloud fitness coaching.  The company is gearing up to launch Ria 2.0, its personal AI assistant that can make dietary recommendations and calculate calories on the spot.  The app has a paid version where, for instance, you can chat with nutritionists and health coaches to help maximize your results. Global Expansion The innovative technology company is expanding globally.  It's in Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and planning to enter Saudi Arabia soon.  The device takes into account age, weight, goals, pre-existing medical conditions and recommends customized "smart meal plans". The company plans to integrate Ria with Google Assistant and Alexa this year.