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Hyperloop Gets Real

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life Thanks to the combination of Elon Musk's concept and Sir Richard Branson's investment, the hyperloop is nearing reality. The hyperloop is a pod placed inside a vacuum-sealed tube.  By levitating the pod, friction is dramatically reduced which allows exponentially increased speed.  This technology combination allows for possible speeds of 700-800 miles per hour. Global Hyperloop Competition Entrepreneurs globally are attempting to duplicate Elon Musk's vision of hyperloop travel. A Spanish company Zeleros says their hyperloop system is capable of 745 mph.  This will allow travel from Madrid to Paris in about an hour, rather than 12 hours drive time.  There are at least ten hyperloop concept routes around the world conducting feasibility studies. They include some in the UK, US, India, Canada and Mexico. Hyperloop Standout in the Fast Lane The one hyperloop route that is ahead of the pact is the one between Pittsburgh, Columbus