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VW's Electric Prototype GTX Muscle Car

Prototype VW ID GTX Source:  VW ID.4 Prototype in Camouflage GTX or Muscle Car VW is planning on using the GTX moniker, meaning muscle car, for high performance versions of its all electric lineup of vehicles rolling out in the 2020's. VW is keeping information tight on this and is even camouflaging images of the vehicle called the VW ID GTX. Expectations of the VW ID GTX The vehicle is expected to be very high performance, all wheel drive, with dual electric motors which should give the vehicle extra power and firmer grip on the road.  Reports indicate that a 2-door version of the ID.4 GTX could launch in Europe in 2021. GTX Namesake The GTX namesake goes back to 1967.  It was on the Plymouth Belvedere GTX and lasted about two years.  But among car lovers GTX is synonymous with muscle car.  VW has already trademarked GTX for the new, all-electric vehicle.  To take a look at my latest book "How Electric Vehicles for the 2020's", go to  htt

Important Innovations Collection: Cars ID'ing You & Your Health

New Car Biometrics:  Your Heart EKG and Eyes ID Monitors Faurecia's Smart Car Console  Your New ID to Drive Keyless and Safely Monitor Your Health While Driving The functionality of this new tech is big for your safety behind the wheel.  It's technology starting in the car's steering wheel that identifies you as the driver to start the car without a key and then can monitor the state of your heath behind the wheel, also your passengers.  This is great evolving innovation that will first be deployed in cars.  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Cars ID'ing You & Your Health : Very Smart Cars -  Future Biometrics in Cars Source:  Faurecia's Smart Console to Monitor Heart & Breathing Rates Your Ca...