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Robot Vacuums Start Cleaning Up

Bots Do Windows Too Neato and Fido Robot vacuums & bots for other households chores like window cleaning are increasing in popularity.  A number of factors are driving it.  The tech is improving, concern about allergens and a lack of time to do the chores.  There are a number of bot competitors including LG, Samsung, Neato, Evovacs, iRobot among others. AIVI At the IFA 2018 in Berlin, Evovac announced its vacuums are being equipped with AIVI, which is artificial intelligence and visual interpretation.  This gives it object, environmental and spacial recognition so that it can do the job without human intervention. Doing Windows New cleaning bots were introduced at the IFA, which is Europe's biggest tech show.  There's a new cordless, window washing robot.  And a new dual action robot that's both mop and vacuum. Neato and Fido In the picture above, Neato seems to be Fido's best friend.  Neato features zone cleaning and has advanced brushes to scoop up