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China Futuristic Auto Tech Rolllout

China is Top Exhibitor at Frankfurt Auto Show Source:  FAW's Hungqi S9 Trending Technology on Display China has a very high profile at the world's largest auto show, The 2019 Frankfurt International Auto Show, now underway in Germany. 79 Chinese automakers are exhibiting their latest concept cars and new vehicles, making them the top exhibitor at Frankfurt.  Some of their new technology is fascinating, leading edge and trending. The Hungqi S9 This concept vehicle has the wings of butterflies, converted into butterfly doors.  It's a super sports car with maximum speeds of 400 km/h and a V8T hybrid engine system with a maximum of 1400 horsepower. Hungqi is part of the FAW Group, China's leading automaker.  It also unveiled an electric SUV concept, the E115.  This is the first time in 60 years that Hungqi has participated in an international auto show. The Wey Forward with R&D Center In Germany Source:  Wey-S And, then there is