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Europe's Hot New & Very Tough Off-Roader

  UK Billionaire's Startup Ineos Develops  Grenadier  4x4                                                                      Source:  Ineos Grenadier 4x4 Strong, Tough, Off and On-Roader Coming to US & Elsewhere British petrochemical billionaire Jim Ratcliffe and his new startup Ineos have created a very classic, strong off-roader called Grenadier 4x4 that pushes the clock back to classic off-roading & pushes the vehicle forward into the digital age.  Here are the key facts: Ineos' Grenadier 4x4 is an old-fashioned, hard core, multi-use 4x4 off-roader and on-roader, imbued with the latest hi-tech automotive technologies Ineos was founded by British petrochemical billionaire Jim Ratcliffe who wanted to do a modern version of a classic 4x4 rather than the current comfort laden SUVs for off-roading This no-nonsense, "massively strong", hard metal off-roader will go on sale in the US and elsewhere by the second half of this year starting at $50,000 Its technolog