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Porsche Working on Premier, New E-SUV

  Off-Road SUV with 400+Mile Range                                                                 Source:  Porsche Models & Concepts This May Be Porsche's Sportiest SUV VW-owned luxury brand Porsche is developing what is likely to be its top-of-the-line SUV designed for both on-road and off-road driving.  Here are the key facts: New Porsche SUV concept is all-electric and will be positioned by Porsche as its top all-electric SUV, over the Macan and Cayenne Nicknamed K1, it's a very sporty "interpretation" of an SUV, as Porsche puts it Will be built on Porsche and Audi's Premium Platform Electric architecture The EV will have multiple electric motors, a 920V electrical system for fast charging and a high performance battery Expected range on a charge of 435 miles Off-road capabilities including adjustable ride height Controlled, 4-wheel steering Starting price of $210,000 3 rows of seats There are no design images yet, but the EV is expected to have a liftgate