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Robot to Build Better Robots

Robot to Help Roboticists Invent New Robots Kinovo Robotics Movo Robo t This new robot is designed to help roboticists create new robots.  It's a two armed robot, a Movo Robot, built by Quebec-based Kinovo Robotics to build better robots.  This is a complete model specifically designed for researchers to use a robot to scan around for simultaneous localization and mapping research (SLAM).  It is WiFi enabled, can operate autonomously or by remote control. Omnidirectional Wheels The robot comes with one or two arms and a set of grippers.  It's designed to research how a robot can scan the environment and move around most efficiently and accurately.  It has omnidirectional wheels, LIDAR, and a head mounted, depth sensing Konect One  camera.  Onboard Intel CPU processes the robot's date collection, allowing it to control its movements.  It has a rechargeable battery with eight hours operating time.  It's the Roboticists' Robot.