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Real VR MakeUp

Amazon Testing Make-Up in Virtual Reality VR for MakeUp For millions of women this could be a VR gamechanger.  Test in VR a lipstick you are about to buy for forty dollars plus, to make sure it works for you.  L'Oreal and its virtual reality business ModiFace are providing make-up testing technology to Amazon. They are targeting your smartphone to do this. You can test the lipstick product on Amazon before you buy it for yourself. That's the starting point. Great Idea Amazon customers can test lipsticks on any mobile phone video or image device. And it's not just L'Oreal brands. It's also Maybelline and LancĂ´me lipsticks to start.  This begins in the US and Japan this summer 2019. It's a great idea to test in VR before you buy. It sounds like technology working for us, before making worthless purchases you just throw away.