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Personal Automobile for the Sky - LEO Coupe LX-1

  Fascinating New Flying Car from LEO Flight                                                  Source:  LEO Flight New, Very Fast, Long-Range Flying Car Being Developed in US A stunning, very futuristically styled, all-electric flying car called the LX-1 LEO Coupe has just been unveiled by US based, eVTOL startup LEO Flight.  It's a piloted, electric vertical takeoff and landing "personal automobile for the skies".  A hyper eVTOL, it has extraordinary speed and range.  The electric flying car can take off and land on a driveway for ultra-commuting convenience.  LX-1 has good looks, uniquely powerful technology and great inventor pedigrees - all of which have the potential to shakeup the global flying car industry. Tech Specs LX-1 is an experimental prototype with an aluminum frame. The prototype was built to test its innovative powertrain that contains four banks of at least 72 small vertical-lift fans.  Two larger fans in the back of the vehicle give it forward, horizonta