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2023 Range Rover Sport - Hybrid & Attitude

  Powerful New SUV from Great Britain                                             Source:  Land Rover Hybrid Electric or V8 Great Britain-based Land Rover has unveiled a new Range Rover Sport SUV that is sporty, rugged and "stealth-like" according to the company.  The vehicle is the automaker's most popular model in the US, with 1 in 3 cars being sold in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. In fact, since 2006, one-third of all Range Rover Sport models have been sold in the US. The new, revamped, 5th Generation 2023 Range Rover Sport does not disappoint.  It has sleek, smooth, sporty and muscular styling, is slightly more budget friendly and has a smaller, "modernist" design.  And it certainly is ruggedly "off-road" capable as pictured going through significant flooding. Aerodynamically Designed Range Rover claims that the new Sport is significantly more aerodynamic than many other vehicles, including the new Porsche 911. The Sport has a lower coeffic