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Jeep Concept & Future of Off-Roading

  Jeep's CJ Surge Concept                                                  Source:  Jeep Big, New Electromod - Retromod Trend An important and growing trend in the automotive industry is called "electromod" or "retromod", which essentially entails taking a classic, retro car and modernizing it with new visual upgrades and new technologies, particularly an electric powertrain.  A hot, new example is Jeep's fully electric, classic, upgraded Wrangler off-roader called the CJ Surge.  This new concept is being unveiled this week at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Automotive experts say the electric technology behind the vehicle could trigger a revival of classic American muscle cars.  CJ Surge also provides a new look and fresh perspective on the future of classic off-roading. Retromod CJ Surge is a substantive restoration of a late model Jeep CJ7.  It's been modernized with an electric motor and full battery electric propulsion system along with extensive v