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Latvia's Affordable Flying Machine with Sizzle

Populist Personal Flight Latvian Style It's called ERA Aviabike. Team AEROXO LV of Latvia approached Boeing's GoFly international competition with practicality.  They wanted to create a personal flying machine with sizzle and appeal that would sell to global bikers. The global motorbike market is huge.  Their concept design and technical specifications have won them a top ten spot in the contest.  Like the 9 other competitors, they're now building their concept into a real, flying prototype to win the $2 million prize in March.  After that, the journey to global sales. Combo Bike, Helicopter & Plane The team describes it as a "tilt rotor aerial vehicle".  It takes off like a helicopter then tilts its motors so it flies like a fixed wing plane.  It looks like a science fiction motorcycle that's ready to fly. Green, Affordable and Autonomous if You Like ERA Aviabike is all-electric right now.  But other power sources going forward are options.  Als