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Future of Personal Air Mobility

  Urban eVTOL's  Hypercar For the Skies                                 Source:  Urban eVTOL Leo on Left                                                                      Source:  Urban eVTOL Leo Coupe The Unique Leo Coupe Urban eVTOL, a new US startup company based in Indiana, has created its first flying car concept and it is an extraordinary look at the future of travel,  The Leo Coupe has 16 electric ducted fans for vertical takeoff lift, landings and forward flight.  The concept vehicle is designed for top speeds of 250 mph and a range of 300 miles or about one hour & fifteen minutes worth of flying time on a single charge.  The Indiana based company and Leo are the creation of award winning electric propulsion & eVTOL expert Pete Bitar and award winning automotive designer Carlos Salaff. Leo is an all electric, jet turbine propelled mix of aircraft and hypercar that the inventors call "an automobile for the skies". They believe the world is starting a tra